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Worst Fear: A black man appearing on his computer screen, cackling maniacally, and pulling up gore
Alt. usernames munchywtinyhats, munchywearstinyhats, Munchy Shatsky,
Real Name Anthony [Last Name Redacted]
Birthday September 14
City San Diego, California
Catchphrase "Get on the ground, you FUCKING NIGGER"

A gif of Munchy that he really fucking likes


Munchy joined the brony fandom on August 10, 2011 after watching the Know Your Meme episode on said fandom. While being the age of only 11 years old. He quickly became attached to the fandom and began to follow many creators. One of these creators was Brony Curious, who made analytical style reviews of My Little Pony episodes. Soon, through Brony Curious's liked videos, he found the infamous Digibrony, creator of the MLP analysis style of videos. Munchy swiftly fell in love and wanted to be recognized by him.

But how does one get recognized by the ILLUSTRIOUS Digibrony? Munchy in a stroke of brilliance not at all unfamiliar to him, began to send Digi an endless amount of pick-up lines through tumblr. Digi never responded but the act of sending them was enough to get Munchy's little baby dick ROCK hard. Munchy finds out that Digibrony will be attending BronyCon 2013 and quickly makes haste to Baltimore. Digi's panel with Brony Curious begins and starts off like any panel would; full of generic questions and overused memes. Munchy raises his hand, along with his Christ Consciousness. He is handed the mic and, with a lustful look in his eye, reveals to Digi that he is the one who has been sending him pick-up lines. Digi is now a deer in headlights and is overcome with fear but also understanding. At this moment, a friendship was born. Munchy loudly asks for Digi's review of the Smurfs 2 and the panel continues.

This is not the end, however. Munchy proceeds to hand Digi drawing after drawing throughout the duration of the con. Each drawing showing the insane mindset of of this crazed 12 year old monster of a child. Their relationship solidifies and they become pals. Digi and Munchy continue to keep in contact and remain friends. The Horseshoe Crew is formed and Munchy becomes fans of everyone. BronyCon 2014 comes along and Munchy becomes friends with the rest of the Horseshoe Crew. Munchy fears that if he reveals his true insanity, he will cause others to fear him and subdues himself. It is at BronyCon 2015 where he shows his true colors and everyone falls in love with him. Digi and the rest of the Horseshoe Crew realized that MLP analysis is gay and they began to do new things. Digi begins doing anime videos and uses Munchy's drawing of him as his icon to fully separated himself from MLP. Munchy now regularly draws Digi's icons, making new ones whenever he starts to hate the old one. The Horseshoe crew becomes the Pro Crastinators Podcast and Munchy continues to follow them as their biggest fan. Munchy's debut is on the episode "Memes that need to die" and we learn more about him in his interview with Digi.


Munchy is known for his unique style, a kind of stream of consciousness comedy marked by spontaneous lore creation, catch phrases, and general wackiness. However a mere mortal cannot hope to fully capture his genius in a single wiki. These days Munchy is frequently on the PCP podcast, and has many podcasts of his own, including Stealing Your Dad As If It Was Easy, Arm Retrieval(Homestuck read-through), Listen Buddy, and others. Munchy is half of the Rowdy Fuckers Cop Killers.

He occasionally streams himself drawing or playing video games, often with friends or fan-chat members.

Munchy presented Deagle Nation: The Parkourdude91 Story - A PCP University Lecture at Radcon 2.

Munchy is/was one of the most active PCP members in the fan-chat, becoming popular among the unwashed masses for frequently interacting with them in the voice chat. Munchy was the owner of the fan-chat for a time. Several fan-chat members have appeared on his podcasts or streams.

Up until Episode 111 of the ProCrastinators Podcast, Davoo did not know Munchy's real name, while everyone else did.

Places on the Internet[edit]

  • Munchy Shatsky Youtube - Mumkey claims this channel is currently hacked and videos are being uploaded against his will. This Hacker might go by the name, the Japanese Juggalo. The hacker either sounds exactly like Munchy or is editing Munchy's voice together to make videos. Oddly enough, these videos seem like something Munchy would make.
  • Twitch - Munchy's Twitch. Actively streams but not on a schedule.
  • Twitter - Munchy's Twitter.
  • MyAnimeList - Munchy's MAL. Inactive, presumably because Munchy doesn't watch much anime. However he does return occasionally because of his new on/off again podcast "Chibi Bakas" which he runs with Hippocrit.
  • tumblr - Munchy's tumblr. Completely inactive and dead, currently only 6 posts.