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Mumkey Jones

Avatar by Bence

Worst fear: Uncle Alex
Born July 13
Joined Youtube Mar 15, 2016

Mumkey Jones is a former PCP member, who originally debuted as a guest in Episode 30 and became a permanent member in Episode 40 until he was voted to leave on October 3rd, 2017 on account of personality conflicts. [1][2] His satirical humor and video style is partly known for having no boundaries on the topics that are covered and poked fun of. Key characteristics of his personality are being constantly depressed and suicidal.

Lore and Background[edit]

Mumkey's Anime Reviews contains a continuous storyline that appears from time to time in his anime review episodes. The plot revolves around Mumkey being molested by his Uncle Alex and struggling between his two identities: Mumkey and Jimmy. Mumkey also discloses information about a massive global conspiracy about the J.E.W.s (the Judicial Executives Worldwide organization). It is ambiguous whether this organization is real or a manifestation of Mumkey's imagination in order to cope with his PTSD and depression. He's written and self-published a book titled "The Triflers" which is a book about a school shooting.

For more information on Mumkey, please visit our sister website.

Mumkey's Emerging Sociopathic Traits: Age 9[3][edit]

When Mumkey was in 4th grade, at the age of 9, he knew a girl named "Eve" who wasn't actually named Eve. Mumkey was not a fan of Eve, due to an incident on the playground where Eve insulted Mumkey one time. Moreover, Eve could wear headbands to class, despite the school's rules. In fact, "Eve" wore a headband from the show "Survivor", which proceeded to give her cancer. Mumkey didn't realize that she had cancer, and in fact, thought she was just a special girl. Mumkey hated Eve throughout his school life. Eventually, Mumkey, through his teacher, found out Eve was in the hospital, and would soon be recovering. Mumkey's class proceeded to spend a whole month making a DVD full of videos for Eve. Eve died. When Mumkey was informed of Eve's demise, he was not emotionally affected and did not cry like the rest of his class. Later, at the open casket funeral for Eve, Mumkey did shed a single tear of sadness. Mumkey now recalls this series event as a possible sign of his bleak and sociopathic future ahead of him.

The DVD that Mumkey's class made was eventually "Given to Eve's family", which was probably a euphemism for burning the DVD.

Eviction From The Pro Crastinators[edit]

On the 3rd of October 2017, Mumkey uploaded the video "Why I was kicked from the PCP." to the channel Mumkey Jones 2. In it, he explained how it had come to pass that Endless Jess had been harassed by some of Mumkey's friends and had initially left the PCP himself because of it. However, when Jess wanted to return to the PCP, he refused to come back if Mumkey was still a part of the group. In the end, the group put it down to a vote which ruled in favour of kicking Mumkey out so Jess could come back.

Not long after this video was published, Digibro released a follow-up video giving his side of the story, as did Davoo. Digi raised concerns over some of what Mumkey said, including accusing him of lying. Davoo, meanwhile, had far too many hamsters for any emotionaly stable human being to possess.

As of the 3rd of October 2017, Mumkey Jones is no longer affiliated with the Pro Crastinators.

Places on the Internet[edit]

  • Youtube - Main channel. Mumkey's Anime Reviews and other big videos go here. Animes such as Cory in the House, Bee Movie, and Digibro, and anime books like the Torah have been reviewed.
  • Mumkey Jones 2 - In Mumkey's own words, "the designated shitposting channel".
  • Mumkey's Gaming Expedition - Let's Plays and his Pokemon Nuzlockes, starring his murdering of Ben Saint's Pokemon.
  • Mumkey's Countdown to Suicide - Mumkey makes vlogs about depression, thoughts of death, and life events/updates. Since Mumkey's recovery from depression, it has now been nicknamed "Mumkey's Countdown to Demonitization", where he posts videos that where demonitized on his original channel.
  • Patreon - Mumkey's Patreon that pays per month. The current goal for a full-time video/Youtube career is $1,000.
  • Twitter - Mumkey's twitter
  • The Triflers - Mumkey's book "The Triflers" currently available for purchase for $14.95 on lulu
  • fiverr - Mumkey's fiverr page. Commission Mumkey for a short (50 words) voice performance for $5.


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