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In the Pro Crastinators Podcast 24 - Things We Can't Get Into, It is suggested that Jess's videos have a yellow tint to them, possibly from the kind of lighting he uses. Jess denies even the implication that his videos appear yellow and claims that the other members might actually be color blind. The entire podcast was derailed and it was all spun into this massive debate of the color hue of Jess's content. Due to this, Jess actually left the Pro Crastinators for a few weeks and began to plot a revenge plan that has not come to fruition (yet). Jess expresses a very strong distaste for this meme.

The Davoo Collective[edit]

Meme that refers to Davoo being a collective of hard-working individuals.

The origin story comes from Episode 16 of the Procrastinators Podcast: Memes that need to die in which Jesse has an argument with Davoo over whether neutrality worship is a "meme that needs to die". As Jesse was editing this particular podcast he created a segment which he called the "'Interupting the Podcast' Podcast" staring himself and allowed Davoo to defend his position. During this podcast, Davoo claims that he devoured Ted Cruz and that "we are Ted Cruz". The usage of this meme spread throughout the PCP and evolved into Davoo devouring all the other members of the PCP to become "The Davoo Collective".

Davoo is not a fan of this meme.

Anime is a Japanese Colloquialism[edit]

For a long time, What Is Anime (And What Isn't)? was the video that would auto-play to newcomers and returning subscribers to Digibro's channel when loading the home page. One would have to wait for the page to load and click the video to pause it, but by this time the video would have at least said "Anime is a Japanese Colloquialism". This quickly became one of Digi's catchphrases on the cast.[edit] Is Ben Saint's patreon. When a member is referencing their patreon or any way that they might make money they often will ask for people to "Donate to" as a reference to how frequently Ben would plug his patreon in the early PCP podcasts. Some of them have got so used to it that they will ask for people to "Head on over to" accidentally, when their intent was obviously to send people to their own.


This number and the letter sequence ARN follows Mumkey Jones in all aspects of his life.

Mumkey has mentioned this in the following video.

He sees it on licence plates, in phone numbers, in the comments section of his videos, in his subreddit, and anywhere else a series of numbers tend to be. Likely a result of a confirmation bias.

Due to Mumkey's strange obsession with ARN or 168, his fans enjoy teasing or taunting him with the number.

Trivia surrounding the number 168:

168 is considered a celestial number in Chinese Fengshui. It’s the number that brings luck, happiness, wealth and maybe even good health. 168 is pronounced like 一路發 (yi lu fa), which in turn means 一路發財, 一路發達, or 一直發達. In other words, "Make money all the way" or "Prosperity all the way".

For more information surrounding this number.

Mathematical properties of the number 168


Clusterpunk is a type of A E S T H E T I C that consists of clashing colors and patterns. Digi and Ben are known to dress in and promote this fashion. A typical clusterpunk wardrobe might consist of pajama pants, anime shirts, Hawaiian shirts, fur coats, and plaid shorts, but can really be anything that is eccentric, loud, and usually casual.

The Weekly Video Boogaloo[edit]

Beginning on Feb. 20, 2017 with the inaugural Manga Monday, Digibro launched a series of weekly shows wherein he would talk about certain topics on a certain day of the week, like Manga Monday, DVD Tuesday, Vinyl Friday, and Alcohol Sunday. Other PCP'ers began to parody this with their own similar series. Gib's series, with titles like Tuesday Thursdays and Monday Wednesdays, consisted of him reviewing a weekday on a different weekday. Mumkey came out with Driving Tuesdays, which are short dumb vlogs he recorded while driving to the beach with Digi.

The Spectrum[edit]

You're on it, I'm on it, we're all on it. Originated from Mumkey's "Anime Spectrum Podcast," involving Mumkey, Assburger, and a guest watching an anime and rating it on various spectrums.

Press 1 for Munchy[edit]

Munchy can request the other PCP'ers(and the audience) to "press 1 for (blank)". Through the chanting of 11111111(etc), energy can be given from a group to a PCP member(or a character) in times of duress. Evidence of the effectiveness of this technique can be seen in the finale of the second Royal Rumble when Brunswick must fight against the otherworldly powers of The Undertaler. The use of this meme is similar to when Twitch streamers request their viewers to spam something in their chat like the Kappa emote for humor or "f" to pay respects.


Pokemon Go to the Polls[edit]

A line said by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on July 14, 2016 during a rally in Virginia when in a clip from her speech at said rally she references the popular video game Pokemon Go by saying "I don't know who created Pokemon Go, but I'm trying to figure out how we get them to have Pokemon Go to the polls." This clip was quickly shared around the internet as a way to mock the desperate attempt to connect with popular culture and media often used by Clinton in her campaign. The meme became part of the PCP during The Radcon 2 Royal Rumble when the character of Hillary Clinton starts walking towards the ring and in reaction Nate and Munchy immediately yell "IT'S POKEMON GO TO THE POLLS". This phrase became the catch-all term for whenever Hillary Clinton is mentioned.

This meme became reality on the Gibbontake channel.

When You Die in the Game, You Die in Real Life[edit]

This meme references the universally acclaimed anime "Sword Art Online". The premise of the show is that if you were die in the game, you would also die in real life.

This phrase originally comes from the 2006 movie "Staying Alive".

Staying Alive trailer.

The reason why the PCP uses this quote is likely due to a Game Grumps reference.[1]

Action Giraffe's AIDS[edit]

During The 1st, and 2nd PCP Royal Rumble it is mentioned that Action Giraffe's entire body is pure AIDS. This particular strain of the AIDS is Extremely infectious, and many PCP members have been infected, one of whom is Mumkey Jones [2nd PCP RR [1]] [1st PCP RR [2]]

Japanese Niggas[edit]

Originating from a video on the Gibbontake channel in which Gibbon, Ben, and Nate repeat "Japanese Niggas" over a Japanese Coke commercial set to the song Memory by CRÆTION, featured in a Vaporwave compilation over footage of Japanese Coke commercials. After the recording of the video, it can be observed that when the phrase "Japanese niggas" comes up, other PCP'ers will pick up the chant, similar to the use of Hamboys, Alienboy, or 1.

I Love Stuff[edit]

A catch-phrase of notorious literal rapist Donatello. It expounds his love of stuff, second only to his love of raping April O'Neil all night and day and also all night.

PCP Thumbnail Guy[edit]

The The PCP Guy for a long time was the largest mystery of the PCP, until someone found him. His finding is credited to twitter user StumbleReel. The exact tweet revealing the source of the PCP guy. He comes from the Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Manga on Chapter 5 Page 11.

Alien Boy[edit]


Tom is a Communist[edit]

During the Ape Escape play through, everyone was under the impression that Tom was a communist, but no one could recall exactly where they had heard this. Tom then tried to dispel any misunderstanding. Tom's character in Royal Rumble 2 was communist themed.

Very clean[edit]

Victor often uses this phrase to express that something is good. For example, if something good were to happen in the game he was playing it might be followed by a "Very clean!" said in an excited, happy voice. Commonly seen on Digi Bros. The phrase originates in the "Ranch it Up" skit from The Eric Andre Show.


Often chanted by the PCP members. Originating from a quote from Regular Show in which Rigby say "Hamboning" with an odd inflection, the word was then modified to "Hamboiz."

Red/Blue Pill[edit]

Has been referenced on multiple occasions. Being [insert color] pilled means that a person subscribes to a certain set of beliefs/ideologies, usually extreme ones. For example, someone who is "blue-pilled" is a cuck SJW, while a "red-pilled" person believes the Jews did 9/11. There are also other various "pills" like the iron pill or the green pill. In PCP episode 41, Nate described the PCP as being the most red pilled podcast.

  • while this is not an original PCP Meme™, it is referenced enough in their content to warrant a brief description here.

Memes that Need to Die[edit]

Episode 16 of the Procrastinators Podcast is entitled "Memes that need to Die." In the podcast, the PCP discusses a myriad of memes and common beliefs/behaviors that they believe are overused or misused and need to stop. Incidentally, the use of the phrase "(blank) is a meme that need to die" has itself become a meme, used by PCP members to address their common annoyances. One day, the phrase itself may become an overused meme and need to die.

I'm Gay[edit]

Not actually a declaration of one's sexuality, but rather a statement made to strengthen friendship (as explained by Digi during Radcon 2). Possibly derived from a scene in a Behind-The-Scenes video on maxmoefoetwo in which idubbbz is prompted to "jump down and say some fucking gay shit". He then jumps off of the counter he is perched on and upon landing looks into the camera and exclaims: "I'm gay".

example: Ben Saint(walks into room)-"Dude, I'm GAY."

Digibro(responding)- "Dude, I'm gay and dead."


A Pokemon from generation 6 which Digi has a (possibly sexual) attachment to. Digi or other members of the PCP will sometimes exclaim GOOOOOODRAAAAAA! In a high pitched voice. Most likely established in the 2nd PCP Drawcast

Christ Consciousness[edit]

(background)Often used in a similar context as being red-pilled, woke, or having Cruz Power, Christ Consciousness gives one powers and perception beyond normal human capabilities(for example). One's level of Christ Consciousness corresponds to how far above normal abilities they are, with the average person being level 1, Munchy's level being 7, and the Undertaler being level 8. Munchy describes his audience's Christ Consciousness as "Pretty low", while saying they have an average of 1-2 with a few 4's throw in there. Munchy goes on to state that the PCP members themselves, on average, have a Christ Consciousness level around a high 5. In episode 62 of the Pro Crastinator's Podcast, simply named "Ghosts", Munchy states that Munchy's mother has a Christ Consciousness level of 8, making her and the Undertaler tied for the most powerful being known to man. According to Munchy, Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, but rather crystals (possibly of the meth variety). However, the PCP members have referenced Christ Consciousness with regards to religion enough times that this point is debatable.

I Can't Stop Crapping My Pants[edit]

One of Endless Jess's many wacky catchphrases, that rascal. Since Munchy pees on the PCP, and you press 1 for Munchy, you press #2 for Jess to poo.

Munchy peeing on the PCP[edit]

Is it apple juice? Nobody knows.

First appearance: Conventions - Pro Crastinators Podcast Episode 42.[2]

Second appearance: Hygiene - Pro Crastinators Podcast Episode 53. Right at the beginning, as well as the end (mysteriously peeing for a much longer time than the first).

It is referenced in Pro Crastinators Podcast Episode 54, where Nate requests a supercut of all the times Munchy has peed on the PCP.

Ben "Oculus Rift" Saint[edit]

In a video titled "Taking On Phantom Horn / Ben Saint (Response To Rowdy Fuckers Cop Killers)", former commenter MisAnthro Pony displays a vast misunderstanding of the Pro Crastinators, such as questioning if they forgot to turn off the recording when most of the video wasn't about Frog Fractions and not knowing who Munchy is. At the end of the video, he mistakenly observes that Ben Saint's Patreon at the time made enough money for him to buy an Oculus Rift in two months, oblivious to the fact that Patreon is Ben Saint's primary source of income.


A meme creating by Best Guy Ever at the Studio Trigger panel during his trip to Anime Expo with Munchy and Digibro, where he insists that the drawing software GIMP is better than Photoshop as it can do anything that Photoshop does for free. Sure, you can't center text in GIMP, but you can just move the text manually. If you disagree with this, then you are a globalist shill.

Wow, That Was Really Nice, Hippo[edit]

A meme started between Munchy and Hippocrit during Radcon 3, as an intentional forced meme. When Hippocrit professed his love of forced memes, Munchy agreed to turn his earlier one-off joke remark into a forced meme, and it was subsequently picked up by the chat. Just to let you know, it's not "Hey, that's really nice, Hippo", it's "Wow, that was really nice, Hippo", get it right. And Hippo also wants this meme to be referenced long after he forgets about it, as he plans to think that everyone is being awfully nice all of a sudden.

Don't Mine at Night[edit]

Started becoming prominent during Radcon III Arena that was quoted by various PCP members. Was the name of a Minecraft parody of Katy Perry's song 'Last Friday Night' which subsequently had a MLP parody of the Minecraft parody of the Katy Perry song (and PCP members admitted was well done for what it is). The meme hit it's peak during a short livestream of Ben mining for bitcoin (during the night time) only for Tom to catch him out during another livestream, Nate then laid down the law and executed Ben for his crimes.

Shitty Memes[edit]

(This section is for dumb, usually one-off, jokes or remarks. But who knows where the memes end and the deep lore begins.)

  • Munchy was molested on an airplane on the way to Radcon Too by an indian man that looked like Rich Evans(famous for the Mr.Plinket Star Wars reviews). Munchy enabled the molestation because he knew it would be a sick story to tell once he got to Radcon. Luckily, Muchy did not get AIDs from this encounter because the man was Indian, which meant he was a doctor, which meant he was immune to AIDs.
  • Ben Saint hates Pokemon and wants to eradicate them because he had sex with an Audino and got AIDs.
  • Munchy's father, a samurai, was killed by the tyrant Taco Bell. He died with honor.
  • Munchy's mother, was the founder and former leader of the Crystal Gems. Enthralled by the beauty of Earth, Rose led her friends and allies in a Rebellion against the Gem Homeworld around 5,500 years before the events of the series, successfully driving the invading Homeworld Gems off the planet and saving the life forms inhabiting it.source
  • After becoming so green pilled that they turned into frogs, Munchy and Ben created Frog Fractions, the perfect video game, just so they could beat it in a four and a half hour video where they spend more time talking about Bronies than playing the game.
  • Nate, being the most vocal about his use of the website 4chan, revealed himself to be the 4channer666, another chapter in the never-ending "-taler" universe/shitty meme pipeline.

The Levels of the PCP Iceberg[edit]

The Iceberg Meme