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Supporting Cast

The Gaming Brit
Cine Masochist

Robo Goopta

Created by Victor, Robo Goopta is the improved version of Vic's Phantasy Star Online character in the Digibro's Let's Play of the game. Robo Goopta Competed in the 2nd Royal Rumble. Is a well known professional dancer and has shoes specially made for tactical dancing, shoes that make him twelve times better than the average robot dancer. In Universe he was created by Dr. Goopta. As revealed in Episode 56, the tactical dancing shoes are Air Jordans covered in menstrual juice.


In the Hamboi Winter War, the members of the PCP rise up against the tyrant Digibro. Unfortunately for them, the thing they attack was not Digi, but his snow-clone-jutsu. And now, after their treacherous intentions have been revealed, the future of the PCP is uncertain.


Tom's MLP OC that analyzes MLP