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Virginia Beach[edit]

Old PCP Headquarters[edit]

The House

Digibro, Ben Saint, Davoo, Victor, Shade, and Amber (Shade's girlfriend) used to all live in this humble abode upon Shore Drive. They shared the house from September 2016 to May 2017 when all but Shade and Amber moved away.

Tunnel of All Colors[edit]

Digi's Room

Digi's Room, this is where most of the Digibro After Dark vlogs are filmed. The name tunnel of all colors originated in an episode of DigiBros, Digibro had stated that he wished for his room to be completely covered in posters The room is full of assorted anime paraphernalia. The aforementioned posters, Anime figures, Boxsets, his Shinobu dakimakura and plenty more. This is where you can find Digi's PC and the chair he really wants everyone to know he spent $(Fill in price) on.

Digi's Old Bathroom[edit]

The bathroom next to Digi's room in the old PCP headquarters, infamous for being disgusting. The toilet and the area around it are covered in piss stains. Digi claims that this is due to his obscenely long foreskin, which causes inaccuracy and an inability to shake the leftover bits of piss into the bowl [1].


The inside of a Wawa Convenience Store

A convenience store near The old PCP headquarters where Digi used to buy Wawa tea, sandwiches, and other stuff.

Kevin's Dog House[edit]

Kevin's Dog House

The best hot dogs in VA Beach, according to Digi. It's his and Victor's favorite hot dog restaurant. Ben and Davoo were not impressed. However, they didn't get it "All The Way". That is to say, they didn't get the specialty meal by the name "All The Way". The All The Way has mustard, onions, and chili. There is a Mini Documentary about Kevin's Dog House that was mentioned in Episode 2 of Digi Bros' Mario 64 BLIND Let's Play. Their best hotdog "All The Way"


Where the Horseshoe Crew went for BronyCon in 2014 and 2015. It was the first place they met each other in person.

Jesse's House[edit]

The Basement[edit]

Beneath Jesse's humble and unassuming abode lies his basement. The swamp. Manchild Marsh. A dark, damp, dank, yellowish cave. A labyrinth of bookshelves, posters, boxes of comics, and his beloved stuff. This perpetually moist hellscape is where Jesse makes most of his videos. Each corner of this oppressive, mold-encrusted cavern is also a meticulously constructed set, a musty stage upon which beautiful art is performed.

Jesse's basement is prone to flooding, ergo the nickname "Manchild Marsh". The most recent and devastating flood occurred during Radcon 2, which Jesse discovered upon his return. Comics, games, furniture, and other property of priceless value was lost because of the failings of the Michigan Sewer Commission. The watery ruination hindered his creative genius, set back the release of "The Pleeb and Weeb", and has called into question the future of Jesse's accommodations.

The Furnace Room[edit]

Home of the heating system for Jesse's house and also of the internet's greatest artist: Colt Corona. Among the piles of discarded beer bottles lies a My Little Pony tent, styled after Twilight Sparkle's treehouse/library from the show. It is from this plastic, pastel womb our hero emerged into a cruel and unforgiving existence. And although he is confined to this hot, dirty closet by his tyrannical master Mister Manchild, his tortured existence and gruesome surroundings only drive him to deeper dedication to his art.

The furnace room serves as the location for both Horseshoe Heaven and Anime Hell(as of the Shinobi III video), as it is not merely part of our physical realm, but the nexus at which Endless Jess's narrative webs intersect.

Fictional Locations[edit]

Pokemon Hell[edit]

Pokemon Hell, Artist's Rendering

The final resting place of lost Pokemon. Brunswick was sent here after his tragic death, but returns to the world of the living to fight in the second Royal Rumble. Where all of the Pokemon in Ben's nuzlockes end up, and where Russel the Gastly threatens Ben will one day end up.

The Real America[edit]

With Trump becoming America's 45th president, a new glorious era has arrived. An era where there are no Mexicans, and every man is given a female rape slave and a "rapenasium". Rape drones roam the skies and follow a strict "Rape on sight" policy with any and all women. Truly it is a wonderful time to be alive. The prophecy of "The Real America" is first laid out by Endless Jess in a boozecast.