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When creating or editing a page on ProCrastipedia, we would prefer it if you try to follow these guidelines to the best of your ability. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to message @dainxjac on our Discord. This page is subject to a lot of change as the wiki is being built, so be sure to check back every so often! You also do not have to ask permission to edit a page, edit away! We can simply rollback any changes we don't approve of. That said, your changes will almost certainly be rolled back if you don't follow these guidelines or are vandalizing pages. We also prefer if you were to create an account, as that way it's a lot easier to keep track of who's done what.


These are rules that apply to most if not all pages on the wiki. But firstly I'd like to state; this is not a meme wiki. We are making a wiki to share memes, sure. But the wiki itself is not a meme.


The goal of ProCrastipedia is to be accessible and informative. We want to be able to use this wiki as a tool to help people who aren't familiar with the Pro Crastinators to become familiar with the Pro Crastinators. To be able to simply hand the wiki to someone and tell them to look something up in order to learn more. Educate people who are unfamiliar with the PCP, it isn't a priority to entertain people who are fans already.


Use proper grammar. Capitalize proper nouns and the beginning of sentences, use periods and commas, proofread. Common sense people, come on.


When writing an article, use " [[square brackets]] " to link an article on the wiki upon first mention of any PCP specific vocabulary, memes, members, characters, locations, or anything else that does or could have a page on the wiki. Even if it doesn't currently have a page. For example, if an article mentions Jess, when writing his name you should type " [[Jess]] " upon first mention. If Jess doesn't redirect to Endless Jess, you can type " [[Endless Jess|Jess]] " to have the test appear as Jess.
If you'd like to skip typing all that out, you can create a redirect page. Say that " [[Jess]] " didn't redirect to " [[Endless Jess]] " automatically. You can then create the " [[Jess]]" page and simply type " #REDIRECT [[Endless Jess]] " on the "Jess" page to have it redirect to the "Endless Jess" page. For more info on that, visit this page.
If you reference a video, also link the video's page upon first mention. Say, Horseshoe Finale. That would be typed like this: " [[Horseshoe Finale]] ", similar to Jess' page.
Link a page on the wiki, not the source for what you're talking about, even if it doesn't have a page. Rules slightly differ when writing for Creations pages. Click here to see how linking works on Creations pages.

File Uploading[edit]

When Uploading a File to the wiki, be sure to give a descriptive file name and not make duplicate uploads. We want to stay organized.

Memes, Inside Jokes, References, Etc.[edit]

We like to take a "TV Tropes" approach to this stuff. What does that mean? Well, when writing a page on the wiki, it's important to keep in mind that people are coming here to learn about the Pro Crastinators and use us as a resource. As a result, they may not be "in" on all of TPC's jokes. So, upon first mention of every meme, inside joke, reference, unique vocabulary, or anything else that does or could have an article on the wiki, link to that page so that people can understand what the fuck you're talking about. Again, do this even if the page doesn't exist yet.


If your page is unfinished, needs work, or could use more information, mark it as a stub. you can do this by typing " {{stub}} " at the top of any page. Donnie will greet you with a warm smile requesting someone add more stuff.

Members and Friends[edit]

The Members and Friends branch is used for nonfictional people that are either a part of or related to the Pro Crastinators. When writing articles for Members and Friends the Endless Jess page is currently a good example. We encourage you to list their alternative aliases, first appearance (first video), very important works, notable events, and places on the internet that they have official accounts on.

Alternative Aliases[edit]

Continuing to use Jess as an example, in the first paragraph it uses both "Endless Jess", "Jesse Wood", and "Drowning In Footwear" to refer to Jess and his channels. So for someone like Best Guy Ever you'd also want to call him Best Guy Ever and his first name, Nate.

First Appearance (First Video)[edit]

Pretty self explanatory. Link their first video as described in the Linking section of this page.

Very Important Works[edit]

Also pretty self explanatory, Clearly you'd need to mention Horseshoe Finale for Jess, saintcomix for Ben, and Sorceress Lost for Tom. Etc. Etc.

Notable Events[edit]

This would include things like the rebranding of Drowning in Footwear to Endless Jess, Munchy and Mumkey joining the Pro Crastinators, and Digi switching from pony to anime content. Be sure to give a brief history and list when the event occurred.

Places On The Internet[edit]

List everything you can find on any given person within reason, Endless Jess continues to be a good example of this. List what it is and give an external link in the header, and below the header give a brief description of what it is that links to. Omit anything that you can't find linked in one of their accounts purposefully. Basically, if you can find it on their YouTube or Twitter it's okay, and if you can find linked it on one of those accounts linked on their YouTube and Twitter it's okay. So on and so forth. Do not link things like personal Facebooks unless they give them out publically. Do not list anything they may have accidentally listed that may seem personal.


The Characters branch is used for fictional characters that are either made by someone in the Pro Crastinators (Colt Corona), made by someone related to them (Robo Goopta), or for characters related the the Pro Crastinators in general (The Mascot). Theundertaler587 page is a good example of one of these pages. You should list their creator, first appearance, lore, and possibly relationships.


credit where credit is due. Link the page for the person who created the character as described in Linking. Just work in somehow that they did, Munchy made Theundertaler587 for example, credit him.

First Appearance[edit]

Pretty Self Explanatory. Link their first appearance as described in the Linking section of this page.


Try your best to write down as much about the character as you can. Don't write down any information that's outright wrong, and don't add your own interpretations to the character.


Just simply mention who the character has relationships with and what that relationship is. The Mascot may not have any relationships, but Brunswick will certainly have a relationship with Ben. Use your own discretion to get through this.


Memes are for inside jokes or vocabulary that often recur among any of the Pro Crastinators. Simply list the origin (first appearance), who the meme is in reference to / who uses the meme, and what the meme actually is.

Origin (First Appearance)[edit]

Pretty self explanatory. Link it's first appearance as described in the Linking section of this page.


Link the page for the person who created the meme/who the meme is in reference to as described in Linking. For example, The Davoo Collective may be in reference to Davoo, but it was coined by Jess. Work both of these in.


Explain what it is! Do it as if you're explaining it to someone who doesn't get the joke, and knows little to nothing about PCP. Be very unassuming. Write it much like you would a Know Your Meme article.


Locations are for both fictional and non fictional places related to the Pro Crastinators. Be sure to tell it's name and any fitting information about it.


Where is it? What's the place called? Answer that and you should be fine.

Fitting info[edit]

Perhaps list who coined the location, for example, Digi coined Kevin's Dog House and Ben Coined Pokemon Hell. Use your discretion.


The Creations section is for anything a member of the Pro Crastinators or related people have made or been involved with. Everything from Horseshoe Finale to Ye Olde Kitten's Paw. From The Vapors to Animated Insanity. Everything, and we mean Everything can and should be listed. Things to include include the people involved, what the work is, and where to find it. It's a huge bonus if you also include the history, related works, and synopsis. If it's part of a series, we encourage you to make another page that lists every episode.

People Involved[edit]

Give credit where it's due, but only to the people who matter :^). Link TPC and related people somehow as described in the Linking section of this page.

What The Work Is[edit]

Describe it. What is it? What is it for? What's the context? essentially, give what would be a highly detailed video description.

Where To Find The Work[edit]

Link the video by listing the creations title and then making that title an external link of where I can consume that work officially. If I were to be writing for The Vapors I'd link the first page of the comic like this: The Vapors. See Linking. Though, keep in mind, when writing the creation it's self, don't link back to the page you're writing, link to the original work.


Related Works[edit]

Simply list works directly related to the work in question. Horseshoe Finale should mention it's direct sequel Horseshoe Finale: One Year Later as well as Kayfabe Coda and vise versa. Again, link to their pages on the wiki.


Tell me everything that important happened within the video with a link directly to what you're talking about. Use timestamps for YouTube videos, pages for comics, etc.

Episode List[edit]

Make these separate pages and create a table listing every episode. Digibro's Decompression Chamber for example should have it's own page for an episode list.