Digibro's Decompression Chamber

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Digibro's Decompression Chamber is an uscripted solo podcast by Digibro on The Pro Crastinators YouTube Channel that ran from Oct. 23rd, 2016 to Jan. 22nd, 2017. In which Digibro "decompresses" by rambling about a variety of topics, including what was happening in his life currently and his own plans for the future. Digibro's Decompression Chamber would go on to inspire other solo podcasts such as The Davoo Hadron Collider and The Hyperbolic WHINE Chamber.

Episodes List and Synopses[edit]

Episodes Synopsis
Nov.22 This podcast remains to this day the most extensive firsthand account of digibro's life before YouTube he has ever provided in a single video. In it he describes and futher elaborated apon his prepubescent youth and the depressive state he entered in high school and retained to his dropout from college. This video is commonly considered as one of the critical essentials by all digibrologists.
Dec.1 In this podcast Digibro discloses his frustration at his supposed plateau in quality and personal fulfilment in his lifestyle and work and further with his romantic life and the topic of the collection of dating sites he signed up for in a rather quite pathetic attempt to remedy his crippling loneliness.