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The Davoo

Birthday 1994
Joined Youtube January 14, 2008
Joined the PCP January 3, 2016

The Davoo collective, or simply "Davoo", is Digibro's video editor for many of his main channel videos, as well as a games analyst and a game developer.


Early Internet Years[edit]

Davoo used the internet to talk on forums and comment sections to have discussions with people early in his Internet history. He even created his own South Park forum (source?). He would mostly talk to his IRL friends and his family for socialization. It was in 2008 that he created his Youtube channel The Davoo and made his first videos with help from his brother. He also dabbled in programming games around this time.


Eventually, Davoo got into My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and became heavily involved with the fandom. He made a few MLP videos that got some attention, namely his season predictions videos. Digi's pony analysis videos caught his attention, inspiring him to follow all of Digi's online content. Around this time he also discovered Drowning in Horseshoes. Eventually Digi noticed his dedication to following his podcasts and videos and got in contact with him. Eventually, his interests leaned towards analysis videos and he became less interested in MLP.

After Digi began to make videos about Anime he became increasingly tired of editing. Digi had Davoo edit one of his videos as a test and he liked the results so he had Davoo continue editing his videos until Davoo became his editor. When he was getting paid enough from editing Digi's videos, he quit his job cleaning windows with his dad to edit full time. Also at this time the PCP was formed with Davoo as a semi-regular on the podcast.

With the money he was making as Digi's editor, Davoo could afford to move out of his parent's house and into Digi's house. When Radocon 2016 started him and Ben Saint officially moved in with him.

After that, Davoo moved back to his parents' house because Digi slowed down his script producing habits and Davoo was short on money.

In June 2017 Davoo announced that he's distancing himself from his youtube career to work on a video game. Which he has now fully committed to and in doing so nearly disappeared off the face of the internet, leaving digi to get off his ass and WORK for that sweet patreon money.


Davoo is the only PCP member who makes videos with explicitly political content, although these videos do not function as propaganda for any major party or agenda, but rather to introduce new ideas to the audience and offer unique perspectives on political issues and how we talk about them.

Up until Episode 111 of ProCrastinators Podcast Davoo did not know Munchy's real name, while everyone else (most likely) did.

Places on the Internet[edit]

  • YouTube - Main channel. A bunch of vlogs, a pony video, and a lot of analytical videos about video games, anime, movies, cartoons, trampolines and tornadoes. Nowadays pretty inactive because of Davoo's work as Digi's video editor... We can only dream that it'll come back to it's glory days... Someday.
  • Davoo goes to saturn - Davoo uncensored and unedited. Mainly half-baked genius ideas and vlogs.
  • Davoo plays games - The home of Nes Quest, where Davoo and guests play every game released for the NES. Inactive at the current time, but might come back someday.
  • Twitter - Davoo's twitter. Grocery photos and daily random thoughts
  • Patreon - Davoo's Patreon which pays per video.
  • Wordpress - Davoo's text blog. Mainly inactive but every once in a while a post is made.
  • MyAnimeList - Davoo's MAL, regularly updated.


  • Davoo's favorite Digi video is cannonically Kill la Kill's Inventive Animation.
  • Davoo having been raised in a heavily christian house hold, barely swears, usually by using softer alternatives I.E God damn = Gosh darn or Fucking = Friggin (edit: wtf lol I definitely do swear now, I just didn't until I was maybe 19 or so)
  • Davoo is known for being into weird fetishes