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Best Guy Ever

Birthday July 1, 1990
Joined Youtube December 9, 2013
Joined the PCP December 23, 2015
Favorite food in the world Japanese Curry
Real Name Nate Chmielinski

Best Guy Ever, aka Nate, is a founding member of the PCP, in which he takes on a role akin to that of a host - though not officially. He created the The Pro Crastinators YouTube channel and it was his idea to start what would eventually become the Pro Crastinators Podcast. He is primarily responsible for managing TPC accounts.

On his personal YouTube channel, BestGuyEver, he makes anime and video game related content. Typically these consist of review/analysis videos of specific works, such as his Best Anime Ever series, but he also makes various other types of content such as music videos. His second channel, notably inactive for most of the year, hosts an assortment of videos, primarily vlogs, and is called Bestie Boy.


On Dec. 9th 2013 Nate and his brother Ben Saint started the Youtube Channel TBBBAP (Two Best Brothers Bitch About Ponies), through which they met the My Little Pony analysts who would eventually form the PCP (at the time known as The Horseshoe Crew). His first venture into the Youtube-sphere under the moniker Best Guy Ever was with a parody of The Beatles' 1966 song Taxman, uploaded on April 7th 2015[1]. On May 1st he uploaded the first installment of his still on-going Best Anime Ever series, in which he through a highly edited montage breaks down the emotional arcs of both the 2007 anime Gurren Lagann and of himself as a spectator. This would be followed by an analytical review later in the year, that could be classified as more traditional was it not for the sheer magnitude of the project, looking at not only the major themes of the show, but also thematic comparisons to the Epic of Gilgamesh and the way in which the anime accomplishes what it does through its narrative.

Galko-Chan's breakout success[edit]

On April 23rd, Guy uploaded "Defying Stereotypes In Oshiete! Galko-chan - Best Anime Ever ", this video is seen as his first breakout success videos, getting the top thread on r/anime and surpassing his Gurren Laggan videos in views in only 5 days, also causing him to gain 3k subs in only 3 days. This video also spawned the first (fan)image of BGE on gelbooru complete with a new "bestguyever" tag.

Game Development[edit]

In his interview for the PCP, Nate mentions developing a game with some friends in college called Monochrome. An archived download link can be found here.


  • "Love between guys... it's purer than the love between a man and a woman."[2]

Places On The Internet[edit]

  • Youtube - Best Guy Ever's main Youtube channel
  • Bestie Boy - Side channel for small videos and vlogs (similar to After Dark, Gibbontake, Davoo goes to saturn, etc.)
  • Patreon - Set to a per month basis after the success of MIAMAFV.
  • Twitter - Guy's twitter



In Episode 52 of the PCP, a commenter named Axes mentioned that he had not watched the episode yet, but predicted that Nate would bring his "weird utilitarianism" into the episode, to which Digibro responded that "You could leave this comment on every episode and never be wrong." The term "weird utilitarianism" would later be acknowledged by the PCP and an episode on the subject was recorded to prevent this topic seeping into further podcasts. However, this podcast had technical difficulties and had it's release date delayed until episode 99 of the PCP.

In Episode 63 of the PCP, Best Guy Ever identifies himself as the Best Gal Ever.

In Episode 32 of Nate's Pokemon Diamond Nuzlocke, it was revealed that Nate is not circumsized

Nate is the member with the most appearances, being absent in only seven episodes so far (26, 64, 77, 114, 139, 162 and 171)